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Environmental Preservation

How Climate Change Affects Mountains

climate change

The fate of the world’s mountains is not set in stone. As strong as they may look, climate change is altering them in a way that will affect us as well. As the mountains change over time due to climate, so does their ability to help the ecosystems that thrive beneath them, including humans. While…

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The Environmental Impact of Bitcoin Mining

bitcoin mining

Bitcoin has seemingly taken over financially in the blink of an eye. With its worth soaring in the last year and the company being something of an overnight success, it’s left those who invested early with thousands of dollars more in their pockets and latecomers scrambling to get in on the game. However, whether or…

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Leave No Trace When Camping or Hiking

leave no trace

How we treat the environment now directly affects how it will look in the years to come. It may be difficult to realize in the moment, but taking care of our surroundings in everyday life is incredibly important. All wildlife – plants, animals, insects, and more – are affected when we leave things in the…

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The Importance of Ocean Conservation

ocean conservation

When you think of the ocean, you probably envision beautiful blue waters and sandy beaches where you can relax by listening to the ocean waves crashing against the shore. While this is a great aspect of the ocean, there’s much more to it than meets the eye. There’s an entire ecosystem under the ocean’s surface…

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Is There Any Hope Left for the Northern White Rhino?

white rhino

The death of the last male northern white rhino, Sudan, in March 2018 brings up many questions about the future of this species, as well as what led up to this tragedy. The white rhino is a subspecies of the rhino, and there are now only 2 females left in existence. Even though Sudan had…

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Trophy Hunting – Are there Pros to go with the Cons?

Trophy Hunting

Trophy Hunting: Are There Pros to the Cons? In a world where big game hunting for the pure trophy of it is gaining in popularity, are there any positive ways to look at it? Some say that trophy hunting is helping in efforts as far as conservation. But this claim proves to be hard to…

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Climate Change at Joshua Tree National Park

joshua tree national park

When you think of climate change and what it’s doing to the wildlife, you most likely think of the melting ice caps and polar bears or the diminishing rainforests. While these are troubled areas, many other habitats and the plants and critters that live within them are also being affected around the world. One example…

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Losing US Public Lands

public lands

The year 2017 was not overly kind to our public lands in the United States. Due to plans put into action by the Trump administration and its Republican Congress, our public lands are slowly getting smaller and more costly to visit. Below, Ranger Mac will take a closer look at the actions taken in 2017…

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Christmas Bird Count 2018

christmas bird count

Have you ever stopped to watch the birds outside your windows? Did you know that there are over 900 bird species in North America? With so many species of birds throughout the country, do you ever wonder how we log and keep track of each and every type? One method is the annual Christmas Bird Count,…

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The Importance of Energy Conservation

energy conservation

Energy conservation has been on people’s minds for decades, but it becomes more important every year. The technologies available are changing every year and it’s hard to keep up. Below, Ranger Mac will go over the basics of energy conservation and what you can do to help. Energy Conservation Basics There are many methods for…

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